How reading should feel

NeuBible is a modern Bible app thoughtfully designed for delightful, distraction-free reading

Navigate Easily

Getting around in some apps can be maddening, but with NeuBible’s spine navigation, it's easy to remember where you are. Plus, you’re always within a thumb’s reach of where you need to be, (and it's even easy to use with the larger screens of the iPhone 6/7, iPhone 6/7 Plus, & the iPad Pro).

Read Clearly

With fonts hand-picked and licensed from some of world’s best type foundries, like Hoefler & Co, LatinoType, Commercial Type & DSType — as well as hand-tuned margins, line spacing and font sizes — NeuBible offers one of the most beautiful and considered reading experiences you’ll find on iOS.

Find It Faster

From its insanely quick loading speed, to its inventive use of navigation, everything about NeuBible has been optimized and engineered to get you to books and verses, and get reading as quickly as possible.

Search Better

Using search should be as simple and comprehensive as possible. With NeuBible’s world-class Quick Search, there’s never been an easier a way to find what you’re looking for.

  • Like "spotlight" for the bible

    Whether it’s verses, books, keywords, or even people — live search results will appear in real-time as you type.

  • #PROTIP: double-tap to search

    This is something you won’t find in any other app. Instead of swiping back to books for search, simply double-tap the screen. It’s fun, easy to use, and makes for lightning-fast navigation when you’re sitting in church and need to get to a verse.

Remember Better

Stumbling onto highlights in your old Bible was great, but they didn't really tell you much beyond the fact that it was a meaningful verse that meant something to you at one point. Well, with Timeline, we hope to shoulder a little bit of that load, and hopefully give you some context to help you remember why highlighted that verse in the first place.

  • Smart Highlights

    Smart Highlights group highlights made within certain periods of time, like during a sermon or Bible study, and group them together to help denote their relationship.

  • Seamless iCloud Sync

    NeuBible seamlessly, and effortlessly, backs-up both the state of your timeline and highlights in the background. You'll never have to do any of the work.

Theme Packs

Remember when reading your Bible felt like reading your Bible?
With themes, get ready to feel that way all over again.


You shouldn’t have to browse and find translations in an uninformative list — that’s why NeuBible offers a visually rich, curated bookstore to make it easy to find your favorite, or even discover new ones. We have a handful of translations available for free, and other licensed translations are available via in-app purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does design matter? Shouldn’t the Bible be enough on its own?

    Design, when properly realized, brings credibility and consistency, and helps people understand the world around them in better and more enjoyable ways. For far too long the design community at large has chosen to ignore the Bible as something worthy of truly considered design. We felt it was time for that to change.

    What do you mean by "considered design"?

    While design can be a subjective practice, we believe that there are correct places to start and specific decisions to make that lead to well-designed, thoughtful results that truly benefit the user. We’ve made all of our design and product decisions in a very purposeful manner, and based them in historical and modern best-practices. We’re also relying on our experience as designers who have been in the field for quite some time. Through our work in print, traditional graphic, and web & mobile product design, we aim to bring a well-rounded, holistic point-of-view to the app’s creation.

    Why doesn’t NeuBible offer more translations?

    We believe NeuBible to be the absolute best way to read the Bible on your phone, and having your preferred translation available is as important to that experience as any feature or design detail will ever be. That said, what most people may not know is that licensing can be an involved and, well, expensive process. Most translations have different publishers with different royalty and licensing requirements in place. We are extremely dedicated to bringing you as many translations as possible, in as timely a fashion as we can, and as such, as NeuBible continues to be downloaded and grow, we will be providing regular updates to bring those to you in the app.

    Is NeuBible available on Android, iPad or Desktop? What about in other languages?

    It’s important to us that NeuBible is made available to as many people as possible, on whatever platform they have access to, in whatever language they speak. We absolutely plan to expand to Android, iPad, desktop, and to localize the app to as many languages and regions as possible. We are a small, two-person team, and making it available on all of those platforms takes a considerable amount of time and resources. Revenue generated by NeuBible will allow us to continue to grow both to other platforms, and within the app itself. This measured pace will allow us to add additional thoughtful features that will continue to make NeuBible the best Bible reading experience available.

    If you have a question we didn’t answer, please feel free to contact us via email, or ask us on Twitter or Facebook.

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