Isaac Marries Rebekah | Bible Story

Isaac Marries Rebekah

After God tested Abraham’s obedience by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac, years passed and Abraham grew very old. He was now well over 100 years old. Though Isaac had survived and God’s covenant promises rested on him, Isaac remained unmarried with no children of his own.

One day, Abraham called his most trusted servant and said, “Go back to the land of my relatives and find a wife for my son Isaac. But make sure she is not from among the pagan Canaanite women here. Isaac must not marry one of them.”

Isaac Marries Rebekah

The servant asked Abraham, “What if the young woman I find is unwilling to return with me to this land? Should I take Isaac to live where she is instead?”

But Abraham insisted, “No, never take my son there! The Lord God who brought me to this land will send his angel ahead of you to help you find the right young woman. If she is unwilling to return with you, then you are released from this obligation.”

So the servant prepared for his long journey, taking ten of Abraham’s camels loaded with gifts and riches as dowry presents. He set out to the distant area of Mesopotamia where Abraham’s relatives still lived.

When the servant arrived at a well near the city of Nahor, he made the camels kneel down to rest during the evening when the local women came to draw water. He prayed, “Lord God, show me a sign of the young woman you have appointed as Isaac’s wife. When I ask her for a drink, let her reply by also offering to draw water for my camels too.” It was a big request, as the servant had ten thirsty camels!

Right after praying, a beautiful young woman named Rebekah arrived at the well carrying her water jug. She was the daughter of Abraham’s nephew Bethuel. The servant went up to her and asked for a drink from her jug.

Rebekah replied, “Certainly, drink!” And after he finished drinking, she added, “I will also draw water for your camels!” Just as he had asked God for the sign. 

The servant watched in amazement as Rebekah energetically drew water and filled the trough for all ten of his thirsty camels – an incredible amount of difficult work! When the camels finished drinking, the servant presented Rebekah with a gold ring and two gold bracelets as thank you gifts, asking whose daughter she was.

After she identified her family, the servant praised God for leading him straight to Abraham’s relatives as promised. He said, “The Lord has showed unfailing love to my master Abraham!” The servant then explained that he was searching for a wife for Abraham’s son Isaac.

Rebekah rushed home to tell her family everything that had happened at the well. When her brother Laban saw the gold jewelry the servant gave her, he immediately ran out to meet the man and invite him to stay at their home as an honored guest.

The servant recounted to Rebekah’s family how he had asked God for the very sign that Rebekah fulfilled by offering to draw water for his camels too. He told them, “If you will treat my master Abraham with kindness and faithfulness, let me know. If not, also let me know so I can make other plans.”

Rebekah’s father Bethuel and brother Laban agreed, saying “The Lord has obviously brought you here, so Rebekah should go with you to become the wife of Isaac, just as the Lord intended.” So the servant gave Rebekah the lavish gifts he had brought from Abraham – beautiful jewels and garments.

The next morning, Rebekah’s family asked the servant if they could keep her with them a little longer before she left. But the servant said, “Don’t delay me! The Lord has made my journey a success, so allow me to take Rebekah and go.”

They finally agreed, letting Rebekah decide for herself if she was willing to go at once with this man to become Isaac’s wife. Rebekah responded, saying “Yes, I will go!”

So Rebekah’s family sent her off with their blessing to leave with Abraham’s servant. They told her, “Our sister, may you become the mother of millions! May your descendants be great and mighty and claim the cities of their enemies!”

Isaac was now living near the well where God had appeared to Abraham many years before. One evening as he went out to walk and meditate in the fields, Isaac looked up and saw a caravan of camels in the distance.  

Rebekah also looked up at the same time and saw a man walking toward them. She asked Abraham’s servant, “Who is that man over there?” The servant replied, “That is my master Isaac.” So Rebekah covered her face with her veil out of modesty.

When the servant explained to Isaac all the miraculous events and how God led him directly to Rebekah, Isaac invited her into the tent he had shared with his late mother Sarah. So Isaac married Rebekah, and she became his wife. Isaac loved Rebekah dearly, and she brought great joy and comfort to him after the death of his mother.

God had fulfilled His promise to Abraham by providing a wife from among his relatives for Abraham’s son Isaac. Just as God intervened when Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac, He orchestrated all the details to bring Rebekah to Isaac so they could have children and continue the covenant family line.

Years later, Rebekah gave birth to twin sons, Esau and Jacob. Through Jacob’s descendants, God’s covenant promises continued down through the ages to be fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah, who would become the blessing to all nations.

When reading this story, we are reminded of God’s sovereign power to work out even the smallest details according to His plan and timing. From leading the servant on the long journey, to giving Rebekah the faith and courage to leave her home, to having her arrive at just the right moment Isaac was in the fields – every element was divinely choreographed by the Lord.

Like Rebekah, we are called to obey God’s will and purpose for our lives, even when it means making big sacrifices or changes. By heeding God’s guidance as she did, Rebekah played a vital role in continuing the covenant family line that culminated in the coming of Jesus Christ to redeem and bless all peoples of the earth.